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Membership Fee Update

Ridglea North Neighborhood Association is proud to represent everyone in our neighborhood with city and state officials, bring you community events, maintain your green spaces, keep you updated on neighborhood changes and local happenings, and advocate for civic improvement. In twenty or more years, the membership fee has remained unchanged. With the changing economy, operational costs simply don’t go as far as they used to. The RNNA Board voted to update the membership fee structure to accommodate the times. Beginning January 2024, a regular membership will be $40 per year, while a business membership will be $75.

Nothing will change for you immediately! When your membership is due for renewal, your email reminder for renewal will reflect this new fee structure. If you signed up for a membership in August, for example, you will still be a member until your renewal date. In August, when your membership is up for renewal, the updated fee will be due then.

We will continue to serve and represent you faithfully, put on amazing community events in Berney Park, and keep you updated on developments that directly impact our neighborhood.

RNNA Elections

The RNNA Nominating Committee is excited to present the below slate of officers. We are still in need of nominees for Secretary and Director of Park and Green Spaces. Contact RNNA President Audrey Glaser by December 15 if you are interested in a board position.

2023 RNNA Officer Slate

President: Audrey Glaser

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Carolyn Dollahite

VP Public Safety: Doug Wright

VP Association Affairs: Leanna Johnson

Director Neighbors: JK Doyle

Director Park and Green Spaces: Vacant

Director Moms Group: Audrey Glaser

Director Events: Tabitha Williams

We are also in desperate need of volunteers for our community events!  

Christmas Lights Contest

Our Holiday Decorating Contest is back! This year's categories are Best Whimsical Lights and Best Traditional Lights. Winners will receive a prize and recognition in our newsletter and social media. To nominate a house, contact Yard of the Month Chair Suzanne Daly Judging starts December 12. 

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To update your profile or pay your dues at any time, log in using your primary email address. You will receive email reminders as your membership renewal deadline approaches. Please follow the instructions in the emails to renew. If you prefer to pay with a check, please use our membership form

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